Q: How much does Vital Merch retain in fees and how much does the artist keep from each sale.

A: Vital Merch retains 50% from each sale and independent artists keep 50%.

Q: What type garment printing does Vital offer.

A: Vital offers digital print-on-demand and traditional screen printing.

Q: What is your minimum order amount for screen printing?

A: We require 24 prints.

Q: What is the turn-around time for screen printing orders?

A: We require 7 - 10 business days

Q: What is the turn-around time for POD orders?

A: Orders require 3 days for print and 1 - 5 shipping across Canada.

Q: What are your garment prices and selection for screen printing orders? Are there set up charges and price per colour?

A: We offer just about anything you need for garment styles that come in various prices. Please contact us. We charge low set up charges. Typically most screens cost $15 per color and $1.33 per colour required in your design.

Q: Does Vital offer services to Record Labels. If so, what are commission rates?

A: Yes we absolutely do! Currently we offer 10% commission per item sold online through Vitalmerch.ca

Q: Do you offer a custom artist shop?

A: Yes we do for a fee. Please contact us.

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